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A podcast to answer your questions when buying and selling real estate and the appraisal process. Whether you are a consumer or real estate agent we can answer your questions 

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About Me

Welcome to Real Estate Gumbo where we discuss topics related to home buying and selling and why the appraisal process is a very important part of the process. We answer your questions on a number of topics such as "What is an appraisal" - "What adds value to your home"- 

I am Joseph Mier, State certified real estate appraiser, and I have been appraising homes on the Northshore for over 20 years. We have lived on the Northshore for over 40 years and know our communities well. Joseph Mier & Associates is a full-time Real Estate Appraisal and Consulting Firm serving the Northshore. 

Your Home's Value

A home purchase is one of the largest investments many make in their lifetime. Knowing the value of that home when buying or selling is very important and should be confirmed by a professional

The Appraisal Process

That's what this site is all about :-) What is an appraisal and how to use this service to maximize your profit when investing in real estate.

About Us


Joseph Mier & Associates

Where Serving Our Customers is our Number One Priority 


Using Technology To Give You Accurate Information

  We are your source for real estate appraisal education, appraisal reviews, legal appraisal work such as divorce appraisals and estate planning. Joseph Mier and his staff have are leaders in the market by being willing to spend any time necessary to talk with clients and customers about their appraisal and the appraisal process. Joe offers continuing education for first time home buyers and seasoned investors.  

 We stay up to date on technology and use this to serve you when completing your appraisals.  This has been a vital benefit for homeowners, real estate agents, lenders, and attorneys using our real estate appraiser services as it saves a tremendous amount of time since our clients no longer have to try and guess why we chose a particular comparable sale or where a particular feature of a home might be located on the appraisal.  



You can have confidence that Joseph Mier & Associates will give you the time and effort that is needed to provide you with the appraisal products that will meet your real estate needs call us today to set up your appraisal appointment. 


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